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Golf holes

18 beautiful golf holes
73 PAR
18 beautiful holes will check your game skills
6492 mlength
challenge even for advanced players
with regard to players and current golfing trends
A high-quality driving range with exercise surfaces in an ideal environment designed for beginners and advanced players
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Sedin Golf Resort is an 18 hole course surrounded by the beautiful little Danube, with pleasant walks in the forest, with elements of a links course, and many bodies of water. The intricate design and surroundings of the holes on the course enable the players to practice and improve.
SEDIN golf course
Hole number: 1
A long par four with an elevated tee box, wide fairways, with the green situated to the left, behind the trees. The ideal direction of your shot is to the right of the center.
Hole number: 2
A par four in the shape of an inverted crescent without a view of the flag. Along the entire hole, including the green, there is a longitudinal water barrier. The rough is located in the center of the crescent, therefore this hole can be approached in many ways.
Hole number: 3
A dogleg right par five with a complex green guarded by bunkers and water hazard. A hole where good shots can be rewarded and bad ones can be punished.
Hole number: 4
A long three par and one of the only holes not surrounded by trees and barriers such as bunkers.
Hole number: 5
The second five par hole in the shape of an elongated “S,” which is the longest hole on the course. At the end of this hole, you will see the little Danube. Along the left side, there is a longitudinal body of water and forest areas, while the right side is open. This hole requires attention to detail. To achieve good results, the most important shot is to the green.
Hole number: 6
One of the shorter par fours on the golf course. It may seem easy at first due to its wide fairway but its narrow green guarded by bunkers can cause some trouble if your approach shot isn’t dialed in.
Hole number: 7
A par three with a very large green guarded by bunkers and thick rough.
Hole number: 8
The longest par four on the golf course, which is also the toughest hole on the course. Guarded by the forest from both sides, a precise tee shot is needed to give yourself a easier shot into a green surrounded by a bunker in the front and water on the left side.
Hole number: 9
This par five is a hard hole for any golfer. A tough teeshot that needs to be shaped around a large tree in the fairway is needed to give yourself an easier shot to the green. Your approach to this hole can vary. You can choose to hit a shot over the pond to a narrow green guarded by thick rough over the green and bunker on the right and left of the green. If you don’t feel that ambitious, you can choose to play around the lake and set yourself up to a tough and challenging pitch shot.
Hole number: 10
The second longest par five on the course. It has a wide fairway with the forest on the left and right. Only the longest players can hit this green in two shots but a poor shot will cause you to be blocked out by the trees. If you choose to lay up, the third shot can be tough as the left part of the green is guarded by tall trees and water. Therefore, a precise wedge shot is necessary to not put yourself into trouble.
Hole number: 11
Par four dogled to the right that longer players can take advantage and cut the corner so they can give themselves a simple wedge shot into the green. However, a poor shot can cause you to hit it into the thick rough on the right side or the water on the left. The green is guarded by slopes and water on the left.
Hole number: 12
A short but tough par three as most of the shot has to fly over the water in front of the green, but being too ambitious and a slight pull long can also cause you to end up in the water.
Hole number: 13
This par four is a scoring hole for most players, but there is trouble on both sides. On the left you have the water and electrical poles and on the right, thick heavy rough.
Hole number: 14
The last par five on the course is also the second longest hole on the course, good shots will be rewarded and bad ones will be punished. Once you get on the green, it becomes even harder due to the challenging slopes of the green.
Hole number: 15
A hard par four dogleg to the right. For shorter players, it will be challenging as it will be one of the longest holes for them. A good tee shot will give you a great chance to hit a challenging narrow green.
Hole number: 16
This par four is easy and short, but it is guarded by a large and sloped green that will need a precise wedge shot, so you don't leave yourself a long and challenging putt.
Hole number: 17
Short par 3 with the forest from all sides, so a precise iron shot is necessary to avoid trouble.
Hole number: 18
The last hole on the golf course is a par four characterized by a tee shot from a 15m tall hill above a small lake and a wide fairway. Any golfer can enjoy this tee shot!
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