Local Rules


Bounds and Margins:

  • The course and out of bounds margins are defined by white stakes and white lines.
  • End of out of bounds margin is defined by two white stakes, and the arrow defines the direction of margin
  • Left inner out of bounds is valid only for Hole 6.
  • Right inner out of bounds is valid for Hole 6 and for Hole 4 is valid from both sides
  • On all other holes, the white stake is defined as inner OOB and is considered as immovable obstruction

Water Hazards:

  • The margins of water hazards are marked by stakes as well as lines.
  • The lines define the hazard margin, the stakes identify the hazard.
  • A ball is in a water hazard when it lies in or any part of it touches the water hazard.
  • Stakes used to define the margin of or to identify a water hazard are obstructions.
  • Bridges are parts of a water hazard.


  • Stones and rakes in bunkers
  • Stakes identifying water hazards

Immovable Obstructions:

  • Distance stakes (measured to a front edge of a green)
  • Benches and dust bins
  • Young trees and wooden supporting stakes
  • Sprinklers, lids of chambers
  • Ball and clubs cleaners
  • Black and white stakes showing direction of play
  • Artificial roads and virtual paths
  • Grinded tree crust and plants inside

Protection of Young Trees:

  • All trees up to 2 m height that grow away from the forest area belong under the Protection of Young Trees Rule (free drop)  


  • You enter the course at your own risk
  • If you feel in danger due to lightning, immediately move to the clubhouse, do not wait for the signal
  • Players on driving range are obliged to move under a roof or to use carts in order to move to the clubhouse
  • When play is resumed, follow instructions of marshalls and golf receptionists 
  • Be regardful of other players and respect safety regulations
  • Players should not stand in the assumed direction of play or in a position to be hit by a club
  • Slow play will be penalized by the marshall (warning, instructions to stop playing, changing the order of flights, loss of fee)
  • Players who play significantly faster than others, attacking or intimidating the players in front of them, will be warned as well


  • Repair ball marks on greens
  • Replace divots on a fairways and semi-roughs
  • Do not disturb other players with your behaviour
  • Do not use your cell phone
  • Use strictly playing (not driving) balls in play – breaching the rule: ordering out for two months and loss of fee
  • Follow staff instruction
  • Respect the Etiquette, Local Rules, Rules of Golf and Rules of Amateur Status


  • No blue jeans
  • Men's shorts cannot be shorter than 5 cm above knees
  • Men's shirts must be collared
  • Tourist boots with sharp shoe soles are not allowed

Repeated breach of Local Rules will be penalised by warning and by ordering out!
Especially serious breach of safety rules as well as usage of driving balls on course will be penalised by ordering out without warning.

Have a nice game