Operating regulations Sedin Golf Resort


  • opening hours are displayed on the front door
  • it is only possible to enter sedin golf resort within opening hours
  • arrive and register at the front desk about 15 minutes prior to your tee time
  • please inform the front desk about an accompanying person or dog on the course
  • your dog has to be on a leash, keep the area clean
  • do not start earlier or later than your tee time, unless the marshall or receptionist allows you to
  • golf club members are obliged to keep starting tee times as well
  • if a player is late for his tee time, the marshall has the right to instruct him or her to move to the next hole
  • follow the sequence of holes, respect instructions of the marshall if playing from hole no 1 or 10
  • in case of slow play, the marshall has the right to instruct the slow group to move to the next hole (following a warning)
  • people on the course act at their own risk, signals given by the staff are only warnings
  • respect the local rules and golf etiquette, do not be loud
  • respect the safety rules
  • do not enter the course dressed inconveniently (blue jeans, men in a sleeveless top)
  • the driving range is open 1 hour before opening hours of the course and the clubhouse opening hours are displayed on the front door
  • if you feel in danger due to lightning, immediately move to the clubhouse
  • a long siren sound announces lightning danger - go to the clubhouse immediately
  • this siren sound also means you need to leave the driving range and move to  the clubhouse
  • sedin golf resort staff is not responsible for your injury if you stay on the course during lightning
  • only one ball can be played by each player (except provisional ball)
  • each player has his or her own golf bag and set of clubs, it is forbidden to use one set of clubs by multiple players
  • the rule of pace of play is breached by both quick and slow players
  • faster players do not have priority to slower players. only the marshall can change the order of play, or the two groups can come to agreement to change the order of play   
  • a golfer playing alone has no priority to a slower group and cannot  limit other players


Repeated breach of rules will be penalised by being asked to leave. the fee will not be refunded. players will be ordered out immediately if their behavior causes danger to themselves or others.


SEDIN GOLF RESORT staff wishes you a nice game