Price list valid for season 2020
Corporate Membership Non-Transferable Price
1 non-transferable card* 1 100 € without DPH
2 non-transferable cards * 1 000 € without DPH
3 non-transferable cards *    990 € without DPH
4 non-transferable cards *    990 € without DPH
More than 4 non-transferable cards * based on negotiation


Corporate Membership Transferable Price
First transferable card 1 700 € without DPH
Second transferable card based on negotiation
Third transferable car based on negotiation
Fourth transferable card based on negotiation
More than 4 transferable cards based on negotiation

The price of a corporate card includes: Keeping of HCP, ability to use our chipping, putting, driving and academy (2 holes) for free. One game per day on our 18 hole golf course. 10% discount for guests on their green fee - does not apply during tournaments. The ability to use our reciprocities with other golf courses. 18 holes per day/1 card.